As working parents, we can sometimes feel like our lives are out of control. Our schedules are jam packed with work meetings, soccer practice, dance classes, doctor’s appointments…and maybe even some house cleaning! With so much going on, it’s sometimes difficult to find our balance. Our purpose.

As I describe in my book, Self-Wealth, Purpose is one of the three pillars of success in a healthy, happy life. The other two are Security and Hope. It is absolutely possible for your life’s purpose to involve both your family and your career. In fact, it will probably be richer for it.

But how do you successfully incorporate both into your life? How can you remained focused on your Purpose if you feel that both family and career are equally important?

Start by being present.

When you’re at work, be at work. When you’re home, be at home. Both your job and your family deserve your full attention. If you make a conscious effort to not multitask and be fully present in the moment, you’ll find that you’ll do your work better and you’ll be a better participant in your family (For a few tips on how to master being present, take a look at my past blog post)[LINK].

When you’re with your family, do your best to make the most of your time.

Instead of watching TV together, engage in discussions, play games, go outside and play catch. What are your kids more likely to remember? That time you watched a new comedy on TV? Or that time you went to the water park together?

When it comes to your children, do your best to acknowledge the things that are important to them.

That means showing up to baseball games and spelling bees, talking to them through problems with friends or teachers, and being a good listener. Be a parent who shows up. If it means you have to sacrifice an hour or two at work in order to attend a school play, it’s probably worth it.

Your presence is important, and you can do it while still caring about your work.

Part of living a balanced, purpose-filled life means feeling good about your work.

If you drop your kids off at school or daycare, you shouldn’t feel bad about heading to work and leaving them! You should feel proud of the example you’re setting. Demonstrate that work is important—that it has purpose.

And if you don’t feel fulfilled by your work? It may be time to sit down and evaluate whether your work situation is one that can be salvaged, or if it’s time to head in a new direction. Many people with whom I’ve worked, feel tethered to their job because of finances. To me, that only creates one of the three pillars of success. If you’re financially secure, but you don’t have Purpose or Hope, can you truly be happy?


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