Praise for SELF-WEALTH:

“Compelling and meaningful.” –Rhoda Olsen, CEO of Great Clips

“Explores issues of meaning, security, and purpose in life.” -Amy Florian, CEO of Corgenius

“The ultimate guide to tending to your financial well-being.” –Don Connelly, Co-founder of Don Connelly & Associates

Self-Wealth Book Launch

 “Self-Wealth is the ultimate guide to tending to your financial well-being. The benefit you will derive from reading this book is not simply borne of Helmeke’s knowledge; it is also borne of her wisdom. Self-Wealth will tell you exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go.”

-Don Connelly, speaker, motivator, educator, mentor, and co-founder of Don Connelly & Associates

What does “self-wealth” look like?

How can you (or your children) make smart fiscal decisions in today’s complicated financial world?

How does personal purpose relate to finances?

What are some actionable steps you can take to secure your financial future?

Self-Wealth: A simple, conscious path to a comfortable financial future answers all these questions, and many more, as it examines the modern-day struggles many of us face to get ahead financially. Self-Wealth is more than a practical guide; it is a book that brings meaning and purpose to financial planning and encourages readers to look at money as an integral part of their life’s journey.

The story opens with financial planner Kate Walters, who is getting ready to meet with Alex and Jess Sutter, fictional characters the author based on a number of real people she has met. Alex is the son of Kate’s long-time clients Clayton and Dorothy Sutter, Baby Boomers she has been working with for quite a while.

When she first meets Alex and Jess, it appears they are doing well financially. Alex has a good job, is wearing a Rolex and drives a Hummer; Jess is carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. But as the conversation gets underway, Kate quickly learns that the young couple is grappling with credit card debt, borrowing money from their 401K, and struggling to keep any kind of savings. In short, they are headed for financial catastrophe.

Through a fictional narrative, author Heidi Helmeke delivers real life lessons. She examines a situation that is all too common—a young couple living beyond their means—and shows the reader how it is possible to take a potentially disastrous financial situation and turn it around.

In addition to telling a captivating and memorable story, the book also offers practical solutions for building a secure financial future. It discusses how compounding interest works, the consequences of drawing money against a 401K, and the dangers of credit card debt.

At the heart of Self-Wealth, Helmeke explores “work with purpose” as a means to achieve happiness and security.

Self-Wealth is available through Seattle Book Company and Amazon.

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