It’s that time of year—the time to stop, reflect, and be thankful for all of life’s gifts. “Gratitude” is not just a warm, fuzzy word. It’s something that can make a true difference in life, and it’s something we should practice all year long—not just during the holiday season.

How can it change your life?

It can make you wealthy.

Yes, I’m talking about financial wealth, but I also mean Self-Wealth, a more well-rounded term. Self-Wealth refers to creating a balanced life in which you are driven by Purpose, Financially Secure, and Hopeful for your future. How does gratitude come into play?

Let’s look at a few example:

1. Work

If you’re grateful for the work you have (and focus on the bright points rather than the parts you don’t like!), you’ll be more motivated to get up and go there every day. Your attitude will change, which can help brighten the moods of those around you, and you’ll likely perform better. Sounds promotion-worthy to me!

2. Family and Friends

If you’re grateful for your family and friends, you’ll make an effort to be there for them and spend quality time with them. This will help nurture your relationships and help you and your loved ones feel better connected. And you’ll likely gain their appreciation as well.

3. House

If you’re grateful for your home, you’ll take good care of it. You’ll fix what’s broken, perform regular maintenance, and treat it with care. This attentiveness will help retain or increase your home’s value, plus you’ll simply feel better about living in a well-kempt, loved home. (The same principles can be applied to a car, boat, or any other major possession that requires upkeep and care).

4. Self

If you’re grateful for yourself, you’ll take good care of your health and body, which will likely result in fewer trips to the doctor (which can get expensive!) and a better quality of life. Your self-respect will also help you make better choices (maybe you won’t take on that additional project because you know how stressed you’ll get, OR maybe you’ll opt to associate with people who lift you up and respect you, instead of tear you down). Your self-care will inevitably lead to Self-Wealth!


Being thankful for yourself, others, your work, and your possessions can make a profound difference. Start incorporating gratitude in all aspects of your life, and see how you grow in Self-Wealth!


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