Today, it’s almost a given. You need some kind of higher education to even be considered for many jobs. But are we setting an artificially high bar? And does […]

Life happens. Unexpected incidents, whether good or bad, can arise at any time and put our finances to the test. Maybe your company is struggling and you get laid off. […]

In some Native American tribes, it is advised that every person should consider how the next seven generations will be impacted by their decisions. What ripple (good or bad) might […]

Unfortunately, many people seek guidance from a financial planner when they are struck by a crisis. Maybe their home has been damaged by a storm or they just accumulated some […]

One of the most important things you can do to improve your personal financial habits is to track your spending. If you’re considering a financial overhaul (as I discussed in […]

In my last blog post, I focused on looking at restructuring your finances as an opportunity instead of a burden. This week, I’m going to discuss a very important first […]

I talk to numerous people who are concerned about where they are headed, financially. They might have experienced a life change; or they might simply be frustrated that they’re not […]