Charles BlossomIt is difficult to put into words how I feel about the passing of my good friend and colleague, Charles Blossom. Chuck was more than the Founder and President of Prestige Wealth Management. He was a friend, a trusted advisor, a listening ear, a lighthouse in the storm. He touched countless lives through his sage advice, his genuine friendship, and his ever-present desire to help others.

Though it is difficult to process the sudden passing of my kind and selfless friend, I know Charles would want me to keep on giving. That is the way he lived his life—with tireless generosity—and that is what he expected of everyone at Prestige Wealth Management.

So, in an effort to continue giving, I will keep serving PWM’s clients to the best of my ability and carry on Chuck’s legacy. I will also continue writing in this blog and maybe—hopefully—I will touch a few lives.

Charles truly understood how to live a wealthy life. I don’t just mean financially wealthy—he embodied all three pillars of Self-Wealth. Charles was well-balanced in his personal life, career, and financial path. So well-balanced, in fact, that he attained what I call the “Enlightenment Stage” and spent a good deal of his time serving others.

Charles exemplified all three pillars of Self-Wealth: Purpose, Security, and Hope:

Charles had a strong purpose. He was determined to help others live the best lives possible through smart financial decisions and sound guidance. He treated all his clients like family—getting to know them on an individual basis and always keeping their best interests in mind.

Charles grew up with a clear idea of the value of a dollar. As a young man, he worked to earn money for his own education. His family believed in a strong work ethic, paired with frugality. It’s a lesson Charles never lost.

Charles was a doer, a visionary. He built PWM one conversation at a time. He was ever-hopeful, always thinking about the future potential of his company.


We could all learn a lot from Charles Blossom’s example. As I reflect on his life, I wonder how I might emulate his strong sense of purpose, his keen financial mind, and his hopefulness. He was a beacon of light in this world and has left behind a legacy of kindness, generosity, and integrity.

How might you incorporate some of Charles’ lessons into your own life?

Are you living your life’s purpose? Are you making prudent financial decisions? Are you envisioning a bright future and working toward achieving it?

Although Charles has passed, his lessons and legacy have not. His influence ripples through the lives of many and will continue to have an enduring positive effect through the company he worked so hard to build.

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